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Here is a list of the save we know of.  We're sure there are others.  They are listed here so we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

bullet#55 - ??? - Don't let it be you! DO THREE GEAR CHECKS ON EVERY JUMP, Slider up, Control your lines when packing, Tight line stows, Stow your brakes correctly, route things correctly.  Got a question, not sure of the correct way to do something, consult owner's manual, your rigger or the manufacturer, not your BUDDY and not your PACKER.
bullet#54 - 2-March-08 - After exiting the plane from 3500' the plan was to do a quick 2-way and jumper A was to deploy jumper B via their BOC throw out pilot chute.  the 2-way went well.  Jumper A failed to fully extract the jumper B pilot chute and made a second attempt.  Jumper A then got out of the way and watched while jumper B completed the deployment of his canopy. Jumper A rolled over on back to observe opening, flipped over, deployed his main and discovered he had two parachutes.  The Cypres AAD had fired allowing the reserve parachute to deploy.  Canopy transfer, land.
bullet#53 - 20-Jan-08 - Slider will not come down, unknown, tandem.
bullet#52 - 24-June-07 - During climb out jumper dragged pilot chute bridle on A/C door pulling main pin.  Resulting in horse shoe while still on A/C.
bullet#51 - 22-June-07 - Tension knots, unable to resolve above hard deck.
bullet#50 - 20-June-07 - Unrecoverable line twists on heavily loaded high performance canopy.
bullet#49 - 9-June-07 - Tension knots, unable to resolve above hard deck.
bullet#48 - 31-Mar-07 - Unrecoverable line twists.  Velocity 97 used during a bird man jump.
bullet#47 - 23-Feb07 - Brakes stowed incorrectly, unable to release braked after deployment.  Unable to clear after several attempts.
bullet#46 - 20-Jan-07 - Jumper unable to extract BOC pilot chute.  Mirage container.  Tuck tab on top of pilot chute went under bridle (as it was designed to do).  Jumper unable to resolve and deployed reserve at 1800'.
bullet#45 - 15-Oct-06 - CREW wrap.
bullet#44 - 16-Jul-05 - Jumper in a rush to catch the last load of the day grabbed his rig by the risers.  He had pulled the reserve risers out slightly in doing so.  He got a gear check at the plane.  He asked for another because his risers seemed twisted.  He asked a rigger to look while on the ride up.  Rigger noted main risers being twisted and the reserve risers pulled out slightly (about 1-2 inches).  Everything appeared to be in good order.  Upon deployment jumper had two canopies out which developed into a down plane and he cut away the main.  Upon inspection on the ground the reserve rip cord cable had a sharp bend in it due to the RSL pulling the reserve cable.  The RSL was not connected to the riser.  Somehow the RSL pulled the reserve pin.  As yet the reason for the unconnected RSL being pulled goes unanswered. 
bullet#43 - 22-May-05 - Jumper wearing very loose sweat shirt to provide drag for sit-fly jump.  Sweat shirt prevent jumper from locating BOC in time.
bullet#42 - A very expired and very current jumper borrowed a friends rig to try out his canopy.  After successful 4-way dive the jumper was unable to locate the pud and deploy the main parachute.  After landing the pud was in place and undisturbed. 
bullet#41 - Student pulled reserve rip cord instead of his practice rip cord during his first PRCP.
bullet#40 - Jumper unable to extract pilot chute from BOC.  He making the first jump on a new Mirage.  He did not know to pull down and away.  Deployed reserve.
bullet#39 - 06-Nov-04 - Suspected line over.
bullet#39 - 12-Sep-04 - Flex pin on main broke at swedge resulting in drogue in tow.
bullet#37 - Aug 04 - Slider entangled in lines about half way down in combination with line twists.
bullet#36 - Aug 04 - Jumper threw out BOC pilot chute into a half hitch resulting in pilot chute being choked through it's center resulting in insufficient drag to pull bag off back.  Effectively a bag lock from the lack of a pilot chute.  **Customer  on annual service plan received free repack of reserve.
bullet#35 - July 04 - Jumper failed to tighten leg straps before exit resulting in jumper being unable to maintain stability during freefall.  Jumper was unable to locate throw out pilot chute.
bullet#34 - July 04 - Toggle came off main parachute immediately after deployment resulting in un-recoverable spin.
bullet#33 - Mar 04 - Line over on main.
bullet#32 - Aug 03 - Pin on reserve dislodged resulting in reserve deployment at 11,000".
bullet#31 - Jumper dislocated shoulder during exit, unable to deploy main with right arm.  Deployed reserve below 1,000'
bullet#30 - May 03 - Line over on main canopy.
bullet#29 - Apr 03 - Spinning main, cut-a-way resulted in Christmas wrap.
bullet#28 - Nov 03 - Slink came un-done on front riser.
bullet#27 - Oct 02 - Spinning main during bird-man jump.
bullet#26 - Oct 02 - Unknown.
bullet#25 - Jun 02 - Spinning main.
bullet#24 - June 02 - Line over on main.
bullet#23 - Jun 02 - Line over on main canopy.
bullet#22 - Nov 01 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#21 - Aug 01 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#20 - July 01 - Dislocated right shoulder, unable to deploy main.
bullet#19 - May 01 - Spinning main.
bullet#18 - July 00 - Bag lock.
bullet#17 - Apr 00 - Loss of altitude awareness, cypres fire.
bullet#16 - July 99 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#15 - July 99 - Broken lines on main canopy (hard opening).
bullet#14 - June 99 - Broken steering line on main.
bullet#13 - May 99 - Main entangled in smoke bracket.
bullet#12 - Apr 99 - Low pull resulting in two canopies out.
bullet#11 - March 99 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#10 - Feb 99 - Broken lines on tandem main
bullet#9 - Jan 99 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#8 - July 98 - Unsecured cut-a-way housing resulted in detached main riser.
bullet#7 - Jun 98 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#6 - Mar 98 - Spinning main canopy.
bullet#5 - Mar 98 - Pilot chute in tow.
bullet#4 - Mar 97 - Student unable to locate main R/C after two attempts.
bullet#3 - Feb 97 - Streamer.
bullet#2 - Feb 97 - Low pull resulting in two canopies out.
bullet#1 - Jan 97 - Student pulled reserve handle instead of rip cord handle on their first hop-and-pop.

WARNING Parachute jumping (skydiving) is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death.
Each individual participant, regardless of experience, has final responsibility for his or her own safety.

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