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Revisions to the Packing Instructions Page
<< Airworthiness Directives >>

Date Changes
070 03/07/07 Added: "RSL removal and the Javelin / Javelin Odyssey"
Added: "Javelin Odyssey Owners Manual - Manufactured before February 2007"
Added: "Javelin Odyssey Owners Manual - Manufactured February 2007 and after"
Added: "Tempo Trim Specifications"
069 02/16/07 Added: "Chest Type Systems w/ Diapers"
Added: "PSB #300107 - Tandem Loop Style Reserve Ripcords  MANDATORY"
Added: "Cazer Para-Loft"
"Packing Instructions revised 14 Sep 1984" was "Packing Instructions revised 14 Sep 1984  (not available on line click here to request document)"
"Main Canopy Owner's Manual, Nov 98" was "Main Canopy Owner's Manual, Nov 98  (not on-line, click here to request)  r047"
Added: "
Parachute Industry Association"
Added: "PIA TS-108, Parachute Canopy Fabric Pull Test, Non-Destructive Method"
"GQ "The System" Harness and Container Packing Instructions" was "GQ 'The System' H&C packing ins. (not available on-line click here to request document)   r045"
"GQ Security Aeroconical reserve, Catalog # 100, P/N 79A, Sept 1978" was "GQ Security Aeroconical reserve, P/N 79A 1684 (n/a on-line, click here to request document)    r045"
"GQ Security 26' LOPO Aeroconical Reserve with diaper  "sierra Light" with suppliment" was "GQ Security 26' LOPO diaper suppliment (n/a on-line, click here to request document)     r045"
"Atom Owners Manual Revision 7" was "Atom: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4"
"Ram-Air Reserve Owner's Manual 4TH Printing" was "Reserve Parachute Owner's Manual (web link - very large file)"
r068 02/02/07 Added: "United Parachute Technologies"
Added: "SkyHook Packing Instructions"
Added: "Paradactyl"
Added: "Tandem Sigma System Owner's Manual - Nov 2001"
"Wonderhog circa 1970" was "Wonderhog about 1979"
"Wonderhog Technical Update December 1977" was "Wonderhog Technical Update December 1977 (off-line)"
Added: "
Ram-Air Owner's Manual"
Added: "BasiK Air Concept"
Added: "Advance "IN" Owner's Manual"
Added: "Advance "OUT" Owner's Manual"
Added: "MANDATORY Decloration - Argus AAD Not Approved for BasiK Advance"
"Starlite Canopy Packing Instructions" was "Starlite Canopy Packing Instructions (off-line)   r048"
"Starlite Chest & Tandem Service Manual" was "Starlite Service Manual (off-line) r048"
Added: "
Advance Tandem Owner's Guide"
Added: "Additional Guide for Student Advance"
Added: "X-Fast Reserve Canopy Owner's Guide"
Added: "SB Advance Containers by BasiK Air MANDATORY"
Added: "X-Main Owner's Guide"
Added: "SB #49, Sidewinder Container Technical Bulletin"
Added: "SB #34, Excaliber MANDATORY Technical Bulletin"
Added: "SB #34 Bullet wiht FXC 12000"
Added: "SB #19 Technical Bulletin"
Removed: "SBs - Sidewinder, Excaliber, Bullet - MANDATORY"
Added: "
Packing Instructions for 26' Axillary Parachute"
Removed: "documents/Pioneer Parachute/26-ft-PN-2324and2412.pdf  r047"
Added: "
SB 3/04/2004 Service Life of Sport Rescue / Reserve Parachutes"
Added: "Emergency Parachute Manual: 360, 425, 490 and National Flat - Dec/2006"
r067 01/30/07 Added: "Cypres Rigger's Guide for Instillation 3/2006"
Added: "Cypres Packer's Checklist 11-06"
r066 01/30/07 Added: "Solo, Triathlon, Pilot, Vision Main Canopies Packing Manual, Jan-2003"
r065 01/30/07 Added: "Smart Reserve Packing Manual, Edition 2-2004"
r064 01/29/07 Added: "SB 071904, Javelin Adjustable Main Lift Web"
r063 01/29/07 Added: "Javelin, Odyessy Manual, Rev: 01 - Issue: 02"
r062 01/25/07 Added: ?Icon Harness and container 2005"
r061 01/24/07 Added: "Vigil Service Bulletin #2 - 18 April 2006"
r060 03/23/06 "Strato-Cloud Packing Instructions w/ PCR System and Quarter Bag " was "Strato-Cloud w/ PCR and Quarter bag (off-line)   r048"
r059 03/21/06 "Rev G 01/00" was "Rev G 01/00"
r058 03/21/06 All links on packing instructions page the font was changed to strike through  example .  As documents are added to the new web store at SkydiveKentucky.com  the strike through font will be changed back to a normal font which will be representative of the change.
r058 02/27/06 Added: "EIFF Aerodynamics" (Thanks Larry.)  
r057 12/06/05 Added: Parasport Italia and Skytronix FX user guide
r056 11/15/05 Added: "Ballistic Recovery Systems"
r055 10/14/05 Added: "Next Tandem Manual" (Thanks to Richard, UK Rigger 203)  
r054 04/24/05 Added: "Eclipse"
r053 04/05/05 Added: "Para-Commander Owners Manual"
r052 03/25/05 Correction: "GQ Security X2-TEN-R Reserve Packing Instructions"
was "GQ Security X-2TEN-R Reserve Packing Instructions(Thanks Andrew Hilton)
r051 03/18/05 Added: "Talon, P/N 6111(), June 14, 1985 {the old Talon} (off-line)"
r050 03/17/05 Added: "Prestighe Harness and Container"
r049 03/16/05 Added: "Stream-Lite (off-line)"
Added: "AD 80-13-01 Strong Enterprises Plastic Ripcord Handle"
Added: "Lo-Po_26ft_Diaper Supplement"
Added: "Stevens Cutaway System (off-line)"
Added: "Stylemaster Parachutes (off-line)"
Added: "SST Racer by Lite-Flite (off-line)"
Added: "Swift Reserve July 1981 (off-line)"
Added: "Wonderhog about 1979 (off-line)"
Added: "Wonderhog Technical Update December 1977 (off-line)"
Added: "Thunder-Bow September 1971 (off-line)"
Added: "Special Notes: Top Secret and Classifier (off-line)"
Added: "Safety Bulletin - All owners of 3-ring release system February 15 1984 (off-line)"
Added: "Ninbus Reserve with Zephyr I & II Container (off-line)"
Added: "Zoo Toggles, 2 documents in this file (off-line)"
Added: "Safety Flyer Steering System Change (off-line)"
r048 03/15/05 Added: "MANDATORY - SB110305, Icon Harness Container Cutaway cable and cable housing"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #24 October 2001 - Dual Hawk Tandem 20.5" Flex Pin Replacement"
Added: "SB #23 September 09 1997 - Disconnection of RSL"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #22 February 20, 1997 - A) Dual Hawk Tandem, Use of Unapproved Components  B) Dual Hawk Tandem Service Life"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #21 March 22, 1996 - Dual Hawk Tandem Main Riser Replacement"
Added: "RECALL SB #20 May 04, 1995 - Stellar Reserve Canopy Recall"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #19 November 01, 1994, Dual Hawk Updates Mandated"
Added: "SB #18 May 26, 1994 - Reserve Ripcords With Soldered Tips On Cable Extensions"
Added: "SB #17 March 11, 1994 - Stiffener To Reinforce Cypres AAD"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #16 July 15, 1992 - Specific Tandem 3-Rings Grounded"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #15 January 08, 1992 -  Drogue Bridle Reinforcement Stitching"
Added: "REQUIRED SB #14 November 14 1991 - Tandem Main Riser Damage"
Added: "MANDATORY SB #13 July 9, 1991 - Defective Slider Stops"
Added: "SB #12 December 07, 1990 - Dual Hawk Tandem Drogue Pin Location"
Added: "SB #11 May 16,. 1988 - Dual Hawk Tandem Drogue Riser"
Added: "SB April 27, 1981 - Starlite Tandem, Universal Tandem, Combination Tandem"
Added: "Starlite Canopy Packing Instructions (off-line)"
Added: "Pop-Top Chest Reserve (off-line)"
Added: "Starlite Service Manual (off-line)"
Added: "Strato-Cloud w/ PCR and Quarter bag (off-line)"
Added: "Strato-Cloud w/ Slider and 'Free Pack Strap' (off-line)"
Added: "Strato-Star (off-line)"
r047 03/09/05 Added: "documents/Pioneer Parachute/26-ft-PN-2324and2412.pdf"
Added: "
Starmaker Parachutes "
Added: "
The 'POP TOP' reserve, July 1975"
Added: "The 'Pop Top' reserve MODIFICATION BULLETIN"
Added: " Rapid Transit System "
Added: "
RTS Mirage with round reserve packing instructions"
"RTS Mirage with square reserve packing instructions" was "Rapid Transit system Mirage"
Added: "G3 Student RTS Manual (RTS - 'Rapid Training System')"
Added: "
RTS Reserve Packing Instructions"
Added: " 
Rodriguez Parachute Systems  "
Added: "R-22 Installation instructions.  (not on-line click here to request document)"
Added: "R-3 Instillation instructions  (not on-line click here to request document)"
Added: "Conteneur tandem dorsal - REQUIN 2 (not on-line click here to request)"
Added: "Rod's Rebel II Reserve (chest) Parachute 23', 24', and 26'"
Added: "
Notice for owners of Safety Flyer Reserves SN's: 100 - 279"
Added: "
Safety Flyer and Safety Star"
Added: "Safety-Flyer / Safety-Star,. Rigger Manual"
Added: "Main Canopy Owner's Manual, Nov 98  (not on-line, click here to request)"
Added: "  SSE  "
Added: "Sentinel - MK2000"
Added: "Lo-Po with diaper supplemental Instructions"
Added: "   Body Flight   "
Added: "Stingray 1B"
Added: "   Security Parachute Co.   "
Added: "Sierra Light Reserve"
Added: "Solution Tandem packing"
Added: "Shadow Harness / Container"
Added: "Spanish Fly Container (not on-line, click here to request document)"
Added: "Tandem BT 80"
Added: "Infinity"
Added: "Stylemaster and Starmaker"
Added: "Northern Lite III"
r046 03/03/05 Added; "Rapid Transit system Mirage"
Added: "Phantom 24 & 26 reserve canopies and the Warp III container"
Added: "26' Bias Lopo"
Added: "Service Bulletin - Warp III"
Added: "Nova"
Added: "Mini-System Reserve"
Added: "
Mini Pig Reserve"
Added: "Flat Pack Reserve"
Added: "AD 86-24-03 Pioneer Parachute Company, Under strength material"
Added: "
"K - XX" Packing Instructions"
r045 03/02/05 Added; "Tract II, Model: GST-II (2)
Added: "GS Express,  Greene-Star Reserve (Chest) Parachute"
Added: "Tract II, Model: GST-II (2) Back"
Added: "Packing Instructions revised 14 Sep 1984  (not available on-line click here to request document)" 
Added: "
Deployment Device"
Added: "GQ 'The System' H&C packing ins. (not available on-line click here to request document)"
Added: "GQ Security Aeroconical reserve, P/N 79A 1684 (n/a on-line, click here to request document)"
Added: "GQ Security 26' LOPO diaper supplement (n/a on-line, click here to request document)"
"Firefly reserve P/N SST 202" was "Firefly reserve P/N SST 202    c/2 Lite Flite"
"24' Conical Reserve Model FFE-201 Packing Instructions" was "24' Conical Reserve Model FFE-201 Packing Instructions. Document on file and available upon request, just not a high priority to get online."
"Tandum Assembly Mod: FFE-101 Packing Instructions" was ""TANDUM" Assembly Mod: FFE-101 Packing Instructions Document on file and available upon request, just not a high priority to get online."
Added: "
Eagle Systems   "
Added: "
Eagle System Tandem Manual"
The Extra One Reserve Packing Instructions" was "The Extra One Reserve Packing Instructions. Document on file and available upon request, just not a high priority to get online."
Added: "Hobbit Reserve"
r044 02/25/05 Added; "GQ Security X-2TEN-R Reserve Packing Instructions" and
"GQ 4.8 M SAC Sport Canopy, MRI GQ 1308" and
"GQ TEN-R, MIR GQ 1326 and 1333, X175-R, MRI GQ 1335."
r043 02/08/05 Added; "Service Bulletin - Atom & SSM" and
S-4U Parachute Packing Manual"  and
Product Bulletin - Nova Main Canopies 2/2/94" and
Mandatory Service Bulletin #FSI-SB-1003, Reflex riser cover." and
"Mandatory Service Bulletin #FSI-SB-1004, Main Container Closing Grommets." and
"Mandatory Service Bulletin #FSI-SB-1005, All Container Grommets." and
Warp III - Revision 3 - June 85".
r042 02/07/05 Added;
Safety Notice - Re-designation of use, January 25, 2005" and
Advance "IN", Edition 1, September 04, Revision 0
r041 02/0105 Added; "Herbie Hog Parachutes" and all documents under that manufacturer.
r040 01/20/05 Added; "Innovator II H&C Owners Manual".  "Thanks Andrew Hilton"
r039 01/14/05 Added; "Voodoo 2.0 V1.1 "Thanks Bryan Harrell Terminal Imagery & Rigging"
r038 01/11/04 Added, "Mirage Product Service Bulletin 12-04 and it associated Mirage PSB 12-04 Procedures"
r038 12/30/04 Added; "GROUNDING , RECOMMENDED AND EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY FAA Special AIB CD-5-14, Nov 10 2004, Sun Path Products SP03"
r037 12/08/04 Added, "Talon FS - (Talon 3.0) Owners Manual & Res. PRO Ins. - Revised June 2004 v1.1".  "Thanks Bryan Harrell"
r036 11/09/04 Vigil - User's Manual v2.0.5  was  "Vigil - User Manual v2.0.2 r017".  Thanks Wim de Vos!
r035 11/02/04 "Infinity (serial numbers 6000 and higher - revised 02/99"   was  "Infinity - 02/99".
Added, "
Advance Tandem - 3e'me Edition".  Thanks Stefan Grossman!
Infinity by Northern Lite Enterprises (Serial numbers lower than 6000)"  was  "Northern Lite III (Serial numbers lower than 6000) - revised Feb. 1992".
r034 10/22/04 "Velocity Sports Equipment (hyperlinked to: http://www.VelocityRigs.com)" was, "Velocity Sports Equipment (linked to http://www.skydivenet.com/vse"
r033 10/19/04 Added: "Aviator Service Bulletin # 1541 Mandatory" and "Aviator PMP 1259".   Thanks for the heads up Derek Vanboeschoten!
Added: "
Icarus Canopies Currently doesn't manufacture TSO'ed equipment.  r033"
r032 10/14/04 Student Advance  r032  was  Student Advance  r008.  Note that this revision made the document available via the link.
r031 10/08/04 Added: Student Naro Harness & Container - March 1996  "ThanksTotya"
r030 10/08/04 Note 1 was Note 2
r029 10/08/04 Added: Northern Lite Enterprises, Inc, (P.O. Box 60, Kapowsin, WA 98344),  Northern Lite III (Serial numbers lower than 6000) - revised Feb. 1992 (hard copy on file, will add to site in future), Infinity - Manufactured by Northern Lite Enterprises, and letter NLIII Letter.pdf which documents contact with OEM to verify currency and correctness of documents.
r028 08/18/04 Added: Next,  Issue 1, 05-2001
Service Bulletin SP03 – Adjustable Main Lift Web Harnesses
Issued July 19, 2004
r026 07/22/04 Added: Service Bulletin SB 071204 - Icon Harness Leg Strap Upgrade, Issue Date: July 12, 2004
r025 07/14/04 Added; TS-108 Canopy Fabric Pull Test - Non-Destructive Method.  Added; TB-302b - Fabric Strength Testing of "Orphaned" Reserve Canopies which is no longer an active PIA document but is referenced in several places in this website and has been retained for continuity of document flow, traceability and reference.
r024 06/08/04 Added; "Swift Plus, Swift, Cirrus & Orion Packing Ins. May 1991" at request of Milan Tomin
r023 06/07/04 Added; "FXC Model 1200" and "FXC Model 12000 Service Bulletin - 1 March 2002".
r022 06/07/04 Added manufacturer, "Reltny Parachute Service" and "SkyTec (need information and documents)".
r021 06/07/04 Added "Westway Parachute Ent." as a manufacturer and under it added, "Innovator" as one of their products.
r020 06/07/04 Added "Chute Shop" as manufacturer.  Removed "Vortex II and Decelerator Reserve" from under Parachute Systems and relocated it under "Chute Shop" because that is who the TSO is to.  Added reference via "Parachute Systems  refer to Chute Shop elsewhere on this page."  was  "Parachute Systems".
r019 05/11/04 "Vortex II and Decelerator Reserve" was "Decelerator Reserve (looking for manual) r008" and "Vortex II Container (looking for manual) r008".
r018 05/10/04 Added Rigging Innovations packing supplement for Talon 3.0 along with email from Rigging Innovations to provide traceability of document.
r017 04/26/04 Removed and archived off-line "Vigil - V2.0" and replaced with newer version "Vigil - User Manual v2.0.2". Added Advanced Aero Designs Vigil SB1.  -  Added Parachutes De France, "Safety Bulletin All Reserve Canopies Manufactured between 01/01/1987 to 31/02/1989 MANDATORY" - Updated Packing Instructions page from a table with 5 columns to 4 to provide easier read and less wastes space on page.
r016 04/26/04 Added Thomas Sports Equipment Teardrop 1 Pin, Issue 4, 01-09-94 and Teardrop 1Pin SF, Issue 4, 01-09-94
r015 04/16/04 Added Paratec documents.
r014 03/26/04 "Dolphin - Nov 98" was "Dolphin - Revised 11/98 Part1,  Dolphin - Revised 11/98 Part2
  03/22/04 Added Parachute Labs, DBA Jump Shack.
"Ram Air Canopy Owners Manual - Oct, 2003, 03/22/04"  was  "Ram Air Canopy Owners Manual - Oct, 2003, 11/24/03"
r013 03/15/04 Flight Concepts In., Reserve Canopy Manual r012, 01/01, 03/13/04, Note 1" was "Flight Concepts In., Reserve Canopy Manual, 01/01, 11/11/03, Note 2".
r012 03/12/04 "Jump Shack, Racer Owners Manual 10/03, 03/12/04, Note 2" was "Jump Shack, Racer Owners Manual 10/03, 11/12/03, Note 2"
r011 03/11/04 Added PISA Naro. "Thanks Wim!". "Icon Harness and container" was "Icon Harness and container received FAA approval TSO C23d in Dec03".
r010 03/03/04 Changed "Advanced Para Systems" to "Advanced Para-Systems".  Added: Res Manual for all Models (Rascal, Laser, Bogy) - Issued: 01 Jan 90
r009 01/18/04 Added "Advanced Para Systems", Lazer & Rascal (documents wanted)
r008 01/07/04 Added "Parachute Systems and their products; Vortex II and Decelerator. Added Parafun and their products; Advance and Student Advance.  Added Glide Path.
r007 12/23/03 Added "Para-Innovators Piglet "2" Container - 26' Navy Conical Res #60A1114e3"
r006 12/16/03 Added "Mirage RTS-2A (Pins in back pad like Racer)"
r005 12/16/03 Added "Condor 2, CondorMinimum and CondorMaximum".
r004 11/26/03 Added, (Rev 05/24/00 soon)
r003 11/24/03 Irvin - GQ Security,  was, GQ Security
r002 11/19/03 Dual Hawk Tandem Owner's Manual 09/98 Old Rev, was, Dual Hawk Tandem Owner's Manual 09/98. Added link to Notice Letter.
r001 11/17/03 Dolphin - Revised 11/98, was, Dolphin - 08/96 Not current revision (wip).

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WARNING – Parachute jumping (skydiving) is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death.
Each individual participant, regardless of experience, has final responsibility for his or her own safety.

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