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Our staff of professional FAA certificated riggers (including a former para-equipment manufacturer) guarantees high-quality service with a quick turnaround time. We have riggers with 30+ years experience with thousands of repacks! We service new and used sport parachutes, bailout rigs, and military equipment.

We provide all our customers with quick, personalized service. We even send e-mail (or snail-mail) reminders when your equipment is due for repack or maintenance (AAD check, battery replacement, etc).

We offer a variety of services including: inspections, repacks, repairs/maintenance, modifications/alterations, AAD service/coordination, and harness & container cleaning.

Whether you’re a pilot or skydiver (with a single parachute) or you’re a parachute center or flying club (with several parachutes), we will please you with our service and support!

Are you a pilot or skydiver who needs equipment? We offer a variety of new and used parachute/container systems for sale!